Cold Draft Beer – Beach Style

draft beer!!!I can still remember going to the beach as a teenager and enjoying a cold beer on the ocean with my buddies.  We had so much fun growing up and partying together.  I miss those times and I think about them often as I get older.  We were young, immature, and didn’t have a care in the world!

Now I’m older, a little bit more wiser, but I long for days like that.  I long for that carefree feeling.  That worryless life.  Now I wear a suit everyday and work in a big city.  What happened to the simple life?  I guess that is what happens when you age.  Life gets complicated.

One thing I still enjoy from time to time is a nice cold beer.  My favorite is a nice IPA.  I particularly like Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo!  Nothing beats that hoppy flavor.  I guess in my age I’ve gotten more sophisticated in my beer drinking too!

I used to just drink all the cheap stuff out there, and now I got for flavor than the buzz.  Sierra Nevada makes some other great beers too.  If you are ever in a store and see one I encourage you to pick one up!

I’m not sure if they have keg’s but if they do that would be a fun purchase.  Having a nice cold IPA on tap in your home would be a nice luxury.  If they do have kegs then I will visit kegerator source for all my kegerator needs.  No sense in having a keg without a kegerator…am I right?

What’s cool about Kegerator Source is they also have mini kegerators too.  If you are an avid beer drinking and especially a keg beer drinker then you should click here and check out some of their stuff when you get a chance.

Anyways thanks for reading about my childhood rants and my love for beer!  All the best to you mates, and cheers!

Driving a Triumph

triumphIt is not secret that I love Harley’s!  Hear that roar of the engine really sends my heart racing!  I’ve been blessed to own a few Harley’s in my day, and I think I will always be a Harley guy.  However, a few weeks ago one of my buddies asked me to take his Triumph out for a spin! My only questions was whether or not my motorcycle cover would fit on it?

After determining it would I sat out on the ride, and really enjoyed it!  The triumph really road smooth, and the throttle and the shifting were better than expected   I was shocked by how much I loved driving that thing on the open road.   I parked it out on a parkway for a while, and went on a walk.  Before I did I get got out my best motorcycle cover and put it in on it.

It was a nice day for a ride, and I brought my lunch.  I took off my new heated motorcycle gloves, and started to eat my sandwich.  I took in the scenery and reflected on what I just done.  I thought for a while about how much I missed my Harley.

I missed the Harley because it is second nature to me.  I love my Harley wtih all my heart and will never have anything else, but I must say that the Triumph was a nice change.  Did the Triumph, triumph? In ways, but not enough to make me buy one.

I’m a very loyal person, and Harley has been good to me for a long time, and I don’t think I’m going to start changing now.  What about you? If someone offered you a ride on a different model bike, would you take it? I think you should because you should always want to try new things!

Keeping it protected

A motorcycle is a work of genius. Whether you view your current bike as something to have for you to get from place to place or you believe your bike must be in a showroom you’ll want to think about techniques to take care of it!

We are in the wintertime months and this of weather can wreak havoc on your motorcycle. Via snow, sleet, rainfall, salt trucks, each one of these things would bring down value of your current motorcycle in addition to damaging it. One thing I want to do is encourage people to think about ways they could protect their particular motorcycle from harsh things.

I don’t know about you, but my motorcycle is one among my favorite things I have and I want to keep it for many years. The way I could do that is to properly take care of it. In case you are like others, then your current mode involving transportation is your motorcycle. In the event you experience poor weather, are you prepared for time cleaning off the elements? A motorcycle cover for your motorcycle could possibly be the best section of gear to acquire so you don’t need to worry regarding your motorcycle getting damp.

You may well think that you’re safe since your motorcycle is in a car port, but it might not be. Dust in addition to mildew can develop in any garage, in addition causing damage. There is only one fashion to properly guard your motorbike, and that is covered.

If you keep a garage then the simple dust cover can work. Dust just isn’t good for many motorcycle components. Purchasing any motorcycle dust cover is usually a small economic investment around the longevity of your motorcycle.

motorcycle protection

If your current motorcycle isn’t indoors then the conventional protect will work. The best move to make is to analyze the different covers available and buy one!

Some of my personal favorite motorcycle covers are manufactured by Pilot Automotive, Nelson-Rigg, in addition to Dowco. I hope you take my assistance.  Go visit for more info. I wish to ride my bike for a long period and the only way I is able to do that is to take good care of the hog. Happy driving

Riding For Life

Before I started riding a motorcycle I was joyless. I had no excitement in my life, and I basically just existed instead of living. It was very sad and I was very sad. That all changed when I finally got a motorcycle. The feeling you get from being on a motorcycle is unlike any feeling I have ever had. There is rush. There is adrenaline. And sometimes there is peace like you have never experienced it.

If you are living in a funk and don’t know how to get out of it then you should think about a change. Would a change of scenery help? Would buying a motorcycle help? Of course a motorcycle is a great investment, but if you want to increase your quality of life you need to make an adjustment. Riding for life is a great way to go.

You must know from the outset that buying a motorcycle is not all there is. There is a lot of gear that you have to purchase with it; like a motorcycle cover. You have to have something that can keep your bike safe. You also need to know how to store your stuff for when you are on the road. There is a lot of stuff to think through.

When you go online I’m sure you will be able to find everything you need. There are a lot of great motorcycle covers on the market and a lot of other gear that you will be able to easily find. If you get stuck you should check out to get the resources you need.

riding for life

Riding for your life will be a new experience for you, but I believe that it will be life changing for you. As you begin to ride I hope you find that joy and peace you have been looking for!