No More Dairy!

non dairy milkHi there…I’m trying to find the best diet for me, and as I’m doing a lot of research I’m finding out that maybe dairy could be something that I should stop eating, and cut out of my diet for good!  I’ve liked milk my whole life and loved it on my cereal, but now I’m rethinking if I should eat dairy at all?  Could a dairy free diet be the diet for me?

The question I’m asking myself is whether or not I could find all the items I needed that I used to eat.  Like cheese or dairy free baby formula.  There are a lot of things you probably didn’t even realize had dairy in it to begin with!  Can I find mayo, can I find milk, can I find cheese, can I find all the things I love.

What I’ve realized it that there are a lot of food items out there that are vegan and dairy free, but I didn’t event know it!  Now I know.  The other thing is that if I can’t find either I don’t need it or I can find a way to make it without dairy…like alfredo sauce.

I’ve learned a lot from eating this way.  I’ve learned that a lot of what the media shows and what a lot of marketers are marketing I dont need.  Marketers are marketing because they want your business and the don’t care about your health!  You have to be the person that takes control of your health because the grocery store is not going to be the one that does it.

So what are you going to do?  Are you going to keep eating dairy or are you going to take the dairy free challenge?  If you want to feel better then maybe you should try to eat non-dairy for a while?

Cold Draft Beer – Beach Style

draft beer!!!I can still remember going to the beach as a teenager and enjoying a cold beer on the ocean with my buddies.  We had so much fun growing up and partying together.  I miss those times and I think about them often as I get older.  We were young, immature, and didn’t have a care in the world!

Now I’m older, a little bit more wiser, but I long for days like that.  I long for that carefree feeling.  That worryless life.  Now I wear a suit everyday and work in a big city.  What happened to the simple life?  I guess that is what happens when you age.  Life gets complicated.

One thing I still enjoy from time to time is a nice cold beer.  My favorite is a nice IPA.  I particularly like Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo!  Nothing beats that hoppy flavor.  I guess in my age I’ve gotten more sophisticated in my beer drinking too!

I used to just drink all the cheap stuff out there, and now I got for flavor than the buzz.  Sierra Nevada makes some other great beers too.  If you are ever in a store and see one I encourage you to pick one up!

I’m not sure if they have keg’s but if they do that would be a fun purchase.  Having a nice cold IPA on tap in your home would be a nice luxury.  If they do have kegs then I will visit kegerator source for all my kegerator needs.  No sense in having a keg without a kegerator…am I right?

What’s cool about Kegerator Source is they also have mini kegerators too.  If you are an avid beer drinking and especially a keg beer drinker then you should click here and check out some of their stuff when you get a chance.

Anyways thanks for reading about my childhood rants and my love for beer!  All the best to you mates, and cheers!